Seared Tuna with Chermoula

Seared Tuna with Chermoula
Quick, super fresh, healthy, really tasty. A brilliant weekday dinner.


  • 1 pack of Taste Collectiv Chermoula;
  • 2 fresh tuna fillets;
  • 2 courgettes;
  • 1 fresh red chilli; and
  • Extra virgin olive oil to dress.


  1. Coat the tuna fillets in the Chermoula, reserving a teaspoon of the sauce to dress the vegetables;
  2. Put the tuna to one side and prepare the salad;
  3. Ribbon the courgettes into a bowl using a vegetable peeler;
  4. Finely slice up the red chilli and add this to the courgettes;
  5. Mix the reserved Chermoula with an equal amount of olive oil, add this to the courgettes and toss;
  6. Now pan fry the tuna, on a medium to high heat, for 2 minutes on each side; and
  7. Finely slice and serve with the courgette salad.

Weekday dinners can be so uninspiring when pushed for time, this tuna is done in under 10 minutes, and makes a fantastic, tasty and healthy dinner.

We also love using our Piri Piri sauce with tuna for a spicier option!

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