Our Story

Our story started in 2014 when Victoria and Mark were 2 busy bee’s working hard, rocking the ‘9 til 5’ and spending what little time they had off on their passions in life, travel and food.

light bulb moment

Travelling to Rome and then over to Venice on a romantic trip they had a light bulb moment. Fresh pesto. Food at home just doesn’t taste like this. The real ingredients are always substituted out, weird things added in, made bulky and diluted to appear great value for money and put on a shelf for 6 months filled with preservatives.

you cant get pesto in the UK like you can in Italy

So lets challenge the stagnant industry.  Lets make something that’s FRESH and actually tastes of real food. Made with the right ingredients. When you taste our pesto you wouldn’t know if you were in a top restaurant in Italy or at home in your kitchen.

the launch

After a year of eating pesto 3 to 4 nights a week, Mark and Victoria tracked down the best suppliers (yes we were picky!) and recreated what we had in Italy.  They launched the fresh pesto to the world at a food festival in Suffolk calling themselves twentyfourcarrot! Yes the name was naff but the product was awesome and the fans gained even better.

a grown up brand (kind of..)

A year later and things got all grown up. Renamed Taste Collectiv with the same fresh and honest approach to creating products with provenance. They’re fresh. They taste like the should. And are made with great ingredients.

View the range here.