Chermoula Tuna

Seared Chermoula Tuna

Serves: 4

Cook Time: 5

Prep Time: 5

A really quick recipe, that is healthy and fresh but still feels like a real treat. Lightly seared tuna steak is always a winner!


1 pack of Taste Collectiv Chermoula;
4 fresh tuna steaks;
2 ripe avocados;
Salad leaves of choice, we used rocket;
Extra Virginia olive oil for dressing.


1. Coat the tuna steaks in the Chermoula;
2. Pan fry for 2 minutes on a medium to high heat on each side;
3. Put aside to rest;
4. Plate up the salad and avocado, drizzle with a little olive oil if you like, and season to taste;
5. Thinly slice the tuna steaks across the grain and plate up.